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Fake News

by DJ L-Spade, Annastasia Arnold & Max Phiapalath

Released 2017
Released 2017
Whats the hell is wrong with AMERICA? MASA - Make America Sane Again!
This album was inspired by the current conditions in the United States. There seems to be an ever growing decisiveness in America. Be it racial, political or economic. These seem to have been exacerbated by President Donald Trump. Under the United States Constitution, Americans are afforded certain rights. Among them is the freedom of speech as granted by the 1st amendment. DJ L-Spade is exercising that right with this hard hitting protest album. As an Army veteran he fully respects the office of the presidency but feels the direction his country is going is.........WRONG. Listen and feel free to contact Dj L-Spade and tell him your opinion.

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